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About Us

Originally constructed in 1903 by the Bachman family, the main house of what is now Mountain View Farm has seen a journey through time. Passing hands from the Bachmans to the Pace family and eventually finding its way to the Prescotts, the house has undergone numerous renovations and expansions over the past century. Despite these changes, the property's inherent beauty remains steadfast, serving as a tribute to the families who have contributed to the allure of Western Colorado.

In 1972, Ray Prescott, accompanied by his wife Rita and their three children, acquired the house along with five acres of the original 40-acre farm. For many years, the property sustained itself as a fully operational farm, with the Prescotts cultivating crops and tending to livestock, including cows and pigs. The industrious family persevered through the economic challenges of the 1980s by canning over 1000 quarts of fruits and vegetables annually, not only to sustain themselves but also to generate additional income.

The property has the residence for Bob and Jeri Prescott. While it no longer operates as a working farm, the essence of rural life endures, complemented by the timeless allure of the surrounding landscape. Over time, the Prescotts received inquiries from friends and relatives interested in utilizing the farm as a venue for various gatherings, including family reunions and weddings. Inspired by these experiences, Bob and Jeri made the decision to open Mountain View Farm to the public in 2016, transforming it into a distinctive locale for commemorating life's milestones and celebrations.

Twins married at Mountain View Farm
Mountain View Farm aeriel view

Looking Through New Eyes

In 2024, Bob and Jeri embarked on a new journey, offering Jessica and Felicia the opportunity to fulfill their long-held aspirations. Since their high school days, the twin sisters harbored dreams of managing a wedding venue. Coincidentally, Jessica marked the Prescotts' first offical wedding when they opened, followed by Felicia's own wedding just two months later. Now, they are both thrilled for this exciting adventure and eagerly anticipate creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime for others.

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